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We build and operate a range of products and services that make a transformative impact in the way people live and work. Discover below our suite of products and services.



OnDemand service marketplace

Rehgien is a leading on demand service marketplace that enables users to find and hire professional service providers for any job, project or task. Rehgien is working hard to transform and enhance the experience through which customers and professionals find and interact with each other in an online environment.

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Platforms & services

We are always exploring new ideas and building new products that solve modern day problems

Innovation with purpose

One of the core reasons why we do what we do is because we believe technology has a huge role in changing the way people live and work. Through tech the playing ground can be evened out by enabling people explore new ways to improve their lives by leveraging the new channels of interaction brought forward by technology. For this reason all the products and services developed by Crunch Garage are people centric, meaning they are built by putting people first before and profits later. We believe that by focusing on people first we are able to provide the most value and essentially create the most impact therefore bringing us closer to mission and vision for this company.

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