Crunch Garage


Build products that improve everyday life!

Since day one we have always worked towards solving challenging problems irrespective of how complex they are. We do not settle and we have always strived to deliver even the most complex ideas in a quality and meaningful way.

About Us

At the core we believe technology is the answer to transforming the way people live and work and because of this Crunch Garage was formed in order to create and offer technology solutions and services tailored to help advance peoples lives and businesses.

Our businesses are comprised of digital product agencies, education and innovation initiatives. Through our innovation initiatives we create and operate a range technology platforms spanning consumer business, digital media and commerce. We are shaping our ecosystem to develop around our platforms, strategic partnerships and high quality services targeting businesses. businesses.

Our Culture & Values

Our values are our guiding principles to who we are as a company and the culture we are creating. They are critical in helping us decide who we hire, who we partner with and what activities we engage in.

Imagine, Execute, Iterate

Every great idea starts with an Imagination. Imagine and embrace the possibilities.
Don’t get lost in the details, start working on the solution without fear.
Nothing is ever perfect, snub the critics and continue working and improving until you get the desired results.


Cut out your ego, learn how to work with other people.
Always listen to other peoples opinions even if they contradict your own opinions.
Approach and solve problems as a team.


Trust should exist in every engagement or transaction.
Trust yourself, trust each other.
Always be positive.

Be honest & Clear

Don’t be afraid to speak out. Pass your message honestly & clearly.
Stick to the facts and avoid pleasing people.
Identify problems and bring them to attention.

Do not settle

Avoid your comfort zone.
Always seek better of ways of doing things.

Nothing Is Impossible

Problems can be hard to solve but never impossible.
Time is the only true enemy to beat.

The Team

Co-founder & Web Developer


Co-founder & App Developer




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